Our goal is to enable every client to securely use technology to meet their business objectives. We strive to transform security fears into confidence. With an intentional approach to shifting the security culture within an organization, Cyber Knight helps clients develop information security programs that positively impact business decisions.

We help organizations find the right balance of information security, IT risk management, and compliance. By arming our clients with knowledge and understanding, we enable them to protect critical data while continuing business operations.

Additionally, we want to support our customers with best in breed software which can increase their profitability multifold.

We are Specialized into hospitality and Entertainment technology so you can trust on us as your technology partner.


Cyber Knight – Solving information technology & security challenges based on risk, not fear.

Our Offerings :

Bargain and Demand based VIP Shopping Experience(E-COM Platform):      We support buyers and sellers with same respect and curtsy – Build and Rule your E-Com kingdom with luring choices of chatting and bargaining online to your direct customers.

We are also offering amazing game changer SAAS software like Paperless – POS (Point Of Sales)  and Contactless OMS (Order Management System) called “Order Buddy” – a buddy to our customer and to their customers.

Our POS : Our Offline POS connects your inventory to online E-Com platforms like “ShopOholic Buddy” all in one console.

Our OMS : Enables your customers a seamless contact less ordering system and your business gets an amazing fully integrated – OMS,POS and Kitchen management.



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