Cybersecurity Training

Live information security training sessions from industry leaders 

Cyber Knight’s training sessions are much more than an exhibition of slides, they are an interactive and engaging presentation from passionate leaders. Our consultants are trained in providing quality education for professionals. Sessions range from pre-packaged curriculum to fully customized course development. Every engagement is unique, giving you the power to choose your learning style.

Every organization has their own preference of curriculum, but one thing will remain consistent throughout every event. Cyber Knight promises that your organization will receive the full attention of our knowledgeable presenters, and the experience will be worth your time and money. Here is a list of the deliverables you can expect:

  • A knowledgeable presenter
  • Informative content and engaging dialogue
  • The ability to ask pointed questions that pertain to your organization/industry
  • A digital copy of the presentation(s)
  • Access to your presenter after the training session, to ask questions or simply discuss information security


Sending an entire team of professionals to attend an off-site conference or training event can be very costly. A typical Cyber Knight onsite training course for up to 8 attendees is roughly equivalent to the cost of sending 2-3 people to an off-site location. This allows you to spread your professional training dollars further while educating a greater number of employees.

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