Cyber Security Strength Check


Intelligence Based testing services

Advanced Penetration testing is a proactive approach of discovering exploitable vulnerabilities in your company including computer systems, network, and web applications etc.. Our manual testing process goes beyond typical automated scanning and deep dives into complex security exploitation. Gain a thorough understanding of these vulnerabilities on based of latest intelligence feeds and we perform handholding in the entire exercise to implement the controls and verify the strength before a real attacker is able to damage your business operations.

  • Protect your brand image
  • Protection to business operation
  • Protection from sensitive Data Leak


  • Red and blue team exercise
  • Internal threat hunting
  • Cyber-Attack detection and response reediness check


Cyber Knight’s solutions help provide insight into an attacker’s mind map. We prepare organizations to defend against advanced cyber-attacks by educating through ethical security exploitation drills. Our ethical hackers perform deep penetration testing from our labs, also when appropriate/applicable, testing can also be performed on-site, at client locations.

Deep Infrastructure Penetration Testing Services

Infrastructure penetration testing identifies security weaknesses in your network, including architecture, products or software vulnerabilities, flaws such as out of date software, missing patches, improper security configurations, weak communication algorithms, command injection, etc. Infrastructure penetration tests often include the testing of firewalls, switches, virtual and physical servers, and workstations.

Deep Application Penetration Testing Services

Web applications often process and/or store sensitive information including credit cards, Privacy information, and proprietary data. Applications are an integral business function for many organization, but with that functionality comes risk.


Wireless Penetration Testing Services
Your wireless network may be susceptible to exterior signal bleeding. Cyber Knight’s wireless pen testing services focus on the discovery of wireless access points, attempting to enumerate weaknesses in the wireless infrastructure. After gaining access to the wireless network, Cyber Knight’s penetration testers attempt to exploit weaknesses in your network to gain access to privileged areas and demonstrate the potential impact of a wireless network breach.

Social Engineering Testing Services
Social engineering is a true assessment of an organization’s security training and awareness practices. By performing social engineering assessments of an organization’s facilities and employees, Cyber Knight is able to establish the baseline security posture and make recommendations for modifying and developing stronger policies and procedures.

Want to learn more about penetration testing? We have prepared several penetration testing blog articles and infographics just for you.


  • GIAC Penetration Tester (GPEN)
  • GIAC Web Application Penetration Tester (GWAPT)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH)


Our testers perform assessments, interpret the results, and provide reports for your organisation. Deliverables for a penetration test include:

Executive summary report
A high-level overview of your pen test report; highlighting critical vulnerabilities

Full technical report
An in-depth look into how your information security controls performed during testing

Handholding for remediation (Red Teaming)
An actionable guide designed to help secure your organization’s vulnerabilities.

Validation of remediation efforts (Red Teaming and Blue Teaming exercise)
With external penetration tests, Cyber Knight provides validation of remediation efforts within a designated timeframe from the delivery of your report. These validations ensure that your organization has performed the necessary tasks to protect and secure your confidential data.