Incident Response


Fast discovery and effectively managing a security breach or attack


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Cybersecurity incidents occur regularly. At one time or another every organization will be victim to a cyber-attack. It is how organizations plan for and react to these attacks that makes the difference. Building a solid incident response infrastructure, which includes response and remediation plans, training, communications, and management direction, will prepare your organization for all levels of security incidents.

Does Your Organization Have Valuable Data?

Many businesses feel that their data is not valuable enough to hack. The reality is that in 70% of attacks there’s a secondary victim, and often those secondary victims are the ones with valuable data. Do your customers rely on you to protect their credit card information, intellectual property, or personal credentials? If so, your organization is responsible for valuable data and therefore valuable enough to hack.

70% of cyberattacks have a secondary victim


The average loss for a data breach of just 1,000 records is $67,500*. Data breaches are costly, but they can be minimized, and in many cases prevented. More often than not, breaches are a result of a failure of people and processes, not technology. Training employees and providing them with policies will give your organization a stronger chance of preventing a data breach. View Cyber Knight’s Policy Development page to learn how to protect your organization in a cost-effective way.


Data Breach Investigations are necessary for organizations that have experienced a network or system security breach. Active cyber threats must be eradicated as soon as possible, and the only way to gain a full understanding of the situation is by performing a thorough investigation.

Here are a few actions you should take if you believe you are a victim of a data breach:

Contact Cyber Knight to Begin Your Investigation, Our experienced consultants will help guide your steps both during and after the incident.
Contact an Attorney

As part of our response services, Cyber Knight can provide you with an attorney experienced in data breaches.

Contact Your Insurance Agent

Depending on the loss from your breach, insurance may be of major importance. We encourage you to keep your insurance agent informed when dealing with a breach.


Detecting the breach is the first step. The second step is to perform a digital forensic investigation to determine what happened as well as the extent of the breach.

There are many instances when digital forensic evidence becomes a crucial element in a legal case. Recovery of data can be complicated, and it requires both technical expertise as well as knowledge of evidence preservation techniques to ensure it can be admitted in court. Cyber Knight’s team of digital forensics analysts follow rigorous guidelines and incident response procedures to ensure successful identification, preservation, analysis, and presentation of digital evidence.


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  • Evidence Validation and Review
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