Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO



Security leadership and guidance when and where you need it

Cyber Knight’s vCISO is designed to help businesses take control of security strategy. To develop a security program which aligns with business motive and guards sensitive information, strengthens brand reputation and protects customer data.

This enables the Information Security Department to focus on critical IT projects, while still ensuring that security is being driven forward. Cyber Knight virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service allows you to leverage the executive leadership skills of a

Cyber Knight security and compliance expert who has previous practical CISO experience.

Cyber Knight experts serve as confidential thought partners allowing your executives the opportunity to brainstorm, cross check ideas, and get advice from industry leaders.
vCISO is a tailored information security program that delivers expert security leadership with a supporting team of analysts and consultants to solve unique security challenges


We start by analysing about your organization and understanding your business objectives, based on which we develop a comprehensive and practical security program which fits the need of the business and enhances the immune system of the company’s information security posture. From there, we are able to function as an extension of your team and deliver expert security strategy, leadership and support.

1. Establish Your Security Program

Learning the environment and understanding of business goals to achieve the security program alignment to business.

2. Prioritise and categorise the security needs 

The unique design of security program will provide strategic direction to help you achieve your business goals. We will determine and prioritize security initiatives to reduce risk in a quick, economic and efficient manner.

3. Security Improvements For Risk Mitigation

We will learn and understand the Risk posture for the business and then will create a complete risk treatment plan to achieve the accepted level of risk posture.

Quick Wins

vCISO with Enterprise Security Program

  • Information Security Governance framework study and setup.
  • Information Security Detailed Risk Assessment and Treatment Plan implementation.
  • Detailed Data Leakage framework implementation.
  • Information Identification and Classification exercise.
  • User Education Program to enhance the User awareness.
  • Infrastructure Information Security Architecture review and enhancement.
  • DR (Disaster Recovery) and BCP (Business Continuity Plan) study and process implementation.
  • Information Security Policy and procedures creation and practical implementation.
  • Change Management process Implementation and management. (weekly review).
  • Problem Management Process Implementation and monitoring.
  • Architecture change review board implementation.
  • Asset and Inventory management implementation.
  • Information Security and Cyber Security roles and responsibility implementation.
  • Dedicated Information Security resources Implementation.
  • Incident detection and response plan creation and implementation (Incident response runbooks).