Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning

Keep your organisation running in the event of a serious incident or disaster

Business continuity is the planning and preparation for an immediate response to incidents or disasters that would normally interrupt business function. This planning will ensure that your organization continues to function, or will be able to recover to an operational state within a short period of time.

Business interruptions can be costly or even detrimental to an organization’s profitability. An alarming 62% of respondents to an Ad Council survey reported that they DO NOT have emergency plans in place.

Up to 40% of businesses affected by natural or human-caused disaster never reopen.



Business resumption programs are a vital part of getting your business back on track after a disaster. Well-designed programs are comprised of policies, procedures, and plans that will guide your every decision. Emotions run high in disaster situations, but business resumption programs allow you to make the decisions ahead of time, removing emotion all together.

Some industries are required by the local government to comply with rules, regulatory requirements (Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), Privacy Ordinance, China Cyber Law based assessments, HKMA cyber security requirement based review and APAC local country based regulation review). Organizations that are held to these standards should pay close attention to their business resumption programs, as penalties may be enforced if standards are not met.


Many organizations are not staffed with individuals who have the knowledge or skills to develop a business continuity plan. Even when they do, their business resumption programs are often not up-to-date with current business operations and technology changes. If your organization struggles with business continuity planning, Cyber Knight can help.

Cyber Knight’s expert consultants can provide business resumption services designed and developed to help your organization establish a business continuity program. In addition, we can assess your current program entirely, or each of the primary areas independently, to ensure your business objectives are being met.


  • Business Impact Assessment
  • Application Impact Analysis
  • Business Continuity Plans
  • Disaster Recovery Plans
  • Policy, Procedure and Plan Development
  • Staff Business Resumption Training
  • Plan Validation: Drills and Exercises