Enterprise Security Program


Log monitoring, Management & Retention with a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP/MSP)


Simplified SIEM / SOC with Managed Services

Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM provides security expertise and a holistic view into network activity. Businesses are able to simplify log monitoring and management by relying on Cyber Knight’s security operations center (SOC) to deliver a managed security service that provides continuous data analysis, threat intelligence, and security incident reporting.

Cyber Knight’s SOC is operated by a team of security analysts and consultants who notify businesses of security incidents and guide them in making appropriate security decisions throughout the process. Cyber Knight’s analysts have a wide range of security expertise and reputable certifications.

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The Cyber Knight staff is easy to work with and we consider them a valuable partner when it comes to combating future security risks in the always-changing IT environments.

– One of the large Legal firm (Hong Kong)”

What to Expect from our Enterprise Security Program

Security Information and Event Management provides businesses with mounds of data, but Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM turns that data into actionable security information. Cyber Knight improves your security posture while decreasing your workload by:





Our managed SIEM service is relationship based. Cyber Knight’s analysts design unique security rules based on each clients’ business needs and technology environment. These unique rule sets enable our analyst to properly identify and respond to security threats. Our partnership helps businesses establish a stronger security posture and meet compliance requirements when necessary.

Cyber Knight’s SOC identifies and reviews alerts prior to sharing them with clients. This ensures that clients are not burdened with false positives and other distracting alerts.
As first responders to security incidents, Cyber Knight’s analysts have a vested interest in creating efficient security rule sets that provide the best security alerts with minimal false positives. The mitigation of misleading alerts makes it possible for analysts to focus on the incidents that pose a legitimate threat to the confidentiality, Cyber Knight, and availability of client information.

You’ve tried a managed security service provider in the past, and the service just wasn’t what you were expecting.  With nearly two decades of service delivery experience, Cyber Knight  developed Enterprise Security Program to ensure the Managed Security Services (MSS) are aligned to your risk, security and compliance programs and meet your service expectations—and that they stay that way. It’s MSS done right.

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Beyond traditional MSS, Cyber Knight ESP services enable clients to mature their security program. Our dedicated team of security professionals will take responsibility for strategic planning, architecture, implementation, advanced analytics, reporting, and overall security program guidance.

We’ll help you with on-site planning and design, security architecture assessment, implementation and service delivery, advanced analytics and security program guidance.

Cyber Knight Security developed Enterprise Security Program to give you:

Preparation – Ensures that you have the necessary foundation building blocks in place to receive the full benefit of our Enterprise Security Monitoring Service.  Validating that you have the controls and infrastructure to provide the visibility needed to detect and protect against advanced threats.

Alignment – Expecting a standardized, off-the-shelf managed service to meet your expectations is unrealistic.  We can align our services with your identified risks, threats, team, and processes to maximize detective and preventative capabilities.

Integration – Your security program is unique.  To ensure that our managed services produce the outcomes and information you need, we tailor our output and reporting, and provide executive briefings and account reviews to communicate the value of the program.

As part of Cyber Knight ESP, we conduct some pre-defined activities which can be further customized to meet the specific needs of your business:

On-site Planning and Design – Capturing strategic objectives, key information assets, and establishing a program road map.

Security Architecture Assessment – Evaluating network topology, building log collection architecture and defining the requirements-driven cases to meet business objectives.

Implementation and Service Delivery – Executing and delivering technical components, along with developing service operation processes. A dedicated project manager will be assigned for planning, reporting, and communications.

Tailored Advanced Analytics Enhancements – Recurring review and gap analysis of ESP operations, tuning performance and driving value throughout the life of the contract.

Security Program Guidance – Defining the program target state and laying out concrete steps to reach maturity.  Five key areas—Program Planning, Infrastructure, Operations, Response, and Reporting are considered in the final analysis.

Executive Briefings & Account Reviews – Conducting on-site quarterly account project reviews and half-yearly executive briefings during engagement and for a period following conclusion of implementation.

By integrating Enterprise Security Program with our Managed Security Services, Cyber Knight Security team can ensure that your specific needs and expectations will be met, you won’t get any surprises and there won’t be any assembly required!

Comprehensive log monitoring is a critical component of your security program and a requirement for regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, ISO 27001 and others.  Logs require extended analysis 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Strengthen your security program with advanced threat detection and reduce costs by shifting the burden from your staff to ours. Benefit from our Global Services Platform (GSP), global SOC infrastructure, and trained and certified SOC Analysts.

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Using our proprietary, cloud-based SIEM platform, we can provide:

  • 24/7 log collection and active monitoring
  • Security event escalation and context-aware alerting
  • Customizable advanced analytics
  • Multiple Security Operations Centres (SOCs)
  • Analysis and validation by certified security experts
  • Cross-device correlation
  • 100% retention of collected logs
  • Flexible service tiers
  • Dedicated service delivery manager

Security Device Management

Correctly configured, managed, and maintained devices are essential to protecting your organization’s assets and are a compliance requirement for regulations including PCI DSS, GLBA, HIPAA, and SOX. Attracting and retaining experienced and vendor-certified staff can be difficult and expensive.

You need to prove to organizational stakeholders that your devices adhere to vendor and industry best practices; that your change management processes are followed and documented, and that you comply with regulations. 

Our certified engineers can provide:

  • Device configuration and tuning
  • Updates and patch management
  • Flexible SLAs to match device criticality
  • Monitoring of device health, configuration, and privileged users
  • Configuration backup and recovery
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM)

We offer broad device and vendor support, including:

Endpoint solutions, firewalls, IDS/IPS, DAMs, FIMs, SIEMs, UTMs, VPNs, WAFs

Reasons you will love Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM

Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM is more than a technology platform, it is a service comprised of security analyst who care about the confidentiality, Cyber Knight and availability of your business’ sensitive information.

Clarity and Collaboration

Cyber Knight’s analysts review initial security incidents generated within the SIEM. They filter out false positives and unnecessary alerts to provide clients with only relevant information. This improves efficiency and allows clients to spend more time on their core business.

For the incidents that require attention, Cyber Knight’s analysts communicate with clients, providing insight into log monitoring and management and offering advice on what to do with the information. This collaboration helps clients make the best decision for their business.

Network Visibility, Now and Historical

Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM provides extensive knowledge into network activity. This includes visibility into the who, what, when and where of the actions being performed within your environment (across your devices). Cyber Knight helps enhance visibility by making policy recommendations and performing configuration audits and system adjustments within the managed SIEM service.

Cyber Knight provides log retention for a full year, which enables clients to access 12 months’ of live searchable security data at any time. This is a huge help in running security reports and performing historical analysis. Users are able to search for information across all device being monitored on the network.

Rulesets Tailored to Your Business

Cyber Knight’s Managed SIEM is a relationship based service. Cyber Knight’s analysts utilize security ticketing to initiate dialogue with clients. Tickets provide information that helps explain what Cyber Knight’s analysts are seeing through the SIEM platform and arms clients with the information needed to take action.

Cyber Knight works with clients to receive feedback from tickets. Analysts work through the process to refine security rules by engaging with clients and making adjustments based on recommendations. Customized rulesets provide a tailored SIEM solution that is both efficient and accurate.

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