Identifying weaknesses in your network

Vulnerability scanning is a proactive approach to identifying vulnerabilities in your systems and network. The objective is to find flawed areas that leave your organization exposed to malicious attacks. Risks could include: misconfigured firewalls, exploitable DNS configurations, out of date and unpatched software, and unencrypted login credentials. It is important to identify these issues before criminals do.

Cyber Knight provides robust asset discovery and vulnerability scanning in a simple and easy-to-deploy virtual appliance-based system. There is no software to buy, no implementation fees and no costly maintenance fees. Just a straightforward monthly fee per device.

Assessing Security Health

Cyber Knight uses industry leading tools and expert consultants to assess your company’s security health. This enables security decisions to be based on actual threats that directly impact your organization. Decisions based on organizational risk, not fear.

Traditional vulnerability management processes are time-consuming, inefficient, resource intensive, and can focus on the wrong criteria leading to weaknesses in your security and compliance programs.

Start seeing a measurable improvement in vulnerability reduction using our Global Service Platform (GSP), threat intelligence, and exploit tracking to focus your vulnerability management efforts on the highest impact vulnerabilities in your ICT environment.

Using our cloud-based vulnerability management platform, we can provide:

  • Asset documentation
  • Scanning set up and configuration
  • Scanning execution validation
  • Limited NTT Security-managed ad-hoc scanning
  • Unlimited self-service re-scanning
  • Flexible service tiers
  • Dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM


The initial phase of the vulnerability scanning process is determining scope by defining the number of assets/devices that will be targeted and scanned. Scans can be authenticated or unauthenticated. Authenticated scans give an insider view into the threat level of each vulnerability. Unauthenticated scans are an external view with no additional insight into vulnerability severity. Each scan type has its advantages, the one that best fits your organization will be defined in this phase.


After defining scope, the scanning will begin. Vulnerability scans are generally scheduled to run monthly or quarterly and are designed to identify cracks in your infrastructure and web applications. Cyber Knight manages the scheduled scans, and every organizations has the ability to perform on-demand scans as needed. This allows clients to check their security health after an update or addition to their systems.


Vulnerability reports are detailed and complete, yet they are simple to understand and easy to read. There are a wide variety of stock reports available, everything from executive to highly technical. There is also the ability to create advanced reports utilizing structured database queries. After the scan is performed, reports are automatically generated and delivered to clients based on their reporting preferences.

Vulnerability scanning is always the first step in Penetration Testing. Cyber Knight encourages all of our clients to thoroughly assess the strength of their systems by performing an annual pen-test.

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